Wessex Pilgrims Cricket Club

Message from Stewart O'Donnell



Dear Nicky, Dear All,    
Something stirrs in the deep south west!!!
Just been reading the website - Inspiring stuff with the bats. 
But who's this  young pretender of a fast bowler? 
I was so pleased to see how well you're all  doing
and that the old ones are still able to do their bit.
The best of  congratulations to the centurions.
Needless to say DS is notable for his absence  from the crease!!    
So inspired have I been this season I bought some new boots and joined my local village side,
Milton Abbot CC. (For the first time in donkey's years I have a  home ground!)
We're doing OK. Not as good as you lot though! 
We only scored 242  for 6 in our 40 overs last week. 
I stood at slip and watched the game with much  enjoyment. 
Our Kiwi scored 43 off 18 balls! I'm still bowling - naturally! 
A  best of 6-13 this season, not as fast of course but even more sneaky than  before. 
So far I've played 5 games this year. 
That's 2 more than the preceding  10 years put together!! 
Tell DS I am a fully paid up member of the easily  injured club now. 
11 overs a game is just gettting to be a bit too hard. Still  not bad for 56!    
I am pleased to see so many familiar names playing for the Pilgrims.
Much as I  enjoy my new team and our cricket I still think alot about the old times. 
Take  care and continue to enjoy/win.
Remember the old saying if you can't bowl them  out knock them out!     
If I can get up your way this summer I'd love to get along and umpire if you'll  have me?    
very best wishes to all who haven't tried too hard to forget me.     


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